DNA Test for Rare Disorders Becomes More Routine

Jacob Sukin, 11 (left), and his brother Eli, 8, both suffer from genetic disorders. While doctors were able to determine that Jacob has Angelman syndrome, they couldn’t determine the cause of Eli’s developmental delays.

Debra Sukin and her husband were determined to take no chances with her second pregnancy. Their first child, Jacob, who had a serious genetic disorder, did not babble when he was a year old and had severe developmental delays. So the second time around, Ms. […]

Guest Blog Scientific American – Innovation in Medical Diagnositics Saves Lives


Innovation in Medical Diagnostics Saves Lives – a system that isn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing For over a century, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has done a laudable job of ensuring the safety and efficacy of healthcare for Americans. Recently announced potential […]