Breaking the Chains of Control


Merriam Webster defines it as, “to exercise restraining or directing influence over; to have power over; or to reduce the incidence or severity of especially to innocuous levels”. Control is found in almost everything we do.  We control our appearance with control tops, supplements, and […]

Control is an Illusion: PKU

Thankful for Life Guest Blogger: Kevin Alexander, MA This morning on my way to work I was almost in a very bad car accident. I was driving in the left lane on the interstate when a car veered into my lane. They obviously didn’t see […]

PKU: Remember


Well, my last blog entry was a bit more serious and somber than most of my posts. And like I said, I don’t want to be fake on this blog. I think it’s very important to admit when you are having a difficult time. I’ve […]

Coping When Tragedy Strikes


In a world of “How To, For Dummies”, WebMD, and the ease of Google search,  we are accustomed to finding fast solutions to problems we encounter.  With a quick search on You Tube, one can find tutorials on everything from “how to create perfect curls” […]

Parent Essay: It All Happens in the Grocery Store.

When you have a special needs child, (or in our case, special needs children) often times you get messages from the “Universe”.  Life is so chaotic and crazy that you just can’t be bothered to stop and listen to people anymore!  You can’t handle the […]