Rémi Aubrun, a sailmaker, innovator, and skipper, departed France on September 13, 2009 in a sailing race called the “Transat” in honor of Caroline Corre who has A-T. The proceeds from his sponsorships will benefit the A-T Children’s Project.
The Transat 6.50, previously known as Mini Transat, is a grueling, transatlantic solo race of 4,200 nautical miles from Charente-Maritime, France to Funchal (Madera Island, Portugal) to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.
Racing single-handedley with little or no sleep for about 30 days, in dangerous conditions, without any support or backup, makes this one of the most challenging ocean races. Competitors usually hand steer for about twenty hours a day, only leaving the helm to eat, rest and navigate.
Passion and willpower are two qualities that characterize Rémi. He started early on with his passion for sailing and graduated from Les Glenans sailing school. In 1990, he left for Australia, where he learned his current profession, sailmaker. In 1992, he became the sailmaker for the French and Italian America’s Cup teams. In 2006, he and a friend built a prototype and raced several regattas, and in 2007 his friend raced the Mini Transat, finishing 12th out of 89 participants. This year it’s Rémi’s turn, and he’s named the boat the “A-T Children’s Project”!
Please take a look at this short video footage of the boat cutting through the waves: