You’re in the right place at the Children’s Rare Disease Network :: Top Ten

(10)  You’ve considered the stats of your child’s health condition and you expect to win the lottery very soon.

(9)  . . . or you expect you might get struck by lightning.

(8)  You’ve seen courage in your child (and you) – miraculous courage.
(7)  You appreciate that the human body is endlessly complicated and amazing stuff.
(6)  You get goose bumps when a researcher tells you that the assay is viable for molecular library throughout screening.
(5)  You enjoy the GOOD days (and nurture your strengths to overcome obstacles and bounce back again and back again).
(4)  You wish you had a $1 for every worry.
(3)  You aren’t sure why but know that stickers and suckers can make all the difference at the doctor’s office.
(2)  You are a fighter . . . when you need to be.
(1)  You know that Dr. Francis Collins is a rock star . . . and so are you!
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