Welcome to the first official “Blog for Rare.” We’re bringing people from across the world together this week in celebration of World Rare Disease Day 2010 (February 28).
This post is a mix of web links to specific blog posts and to bloggers who have a connection to rare disease (a blog roll of sorts).
The links are in no particular order (and if we have left anyone out, please let us know so we can add you to the mix).
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See Bogey Grow
Forever Ella
Ring 14
Josslyn’s CB Page
Matteo FB Page
FEDER and link here.
Infertility Mom
Daily Mush
Love, Hope & Kindness
My Reason to Run
Autism Speaks
Christopher’s CB Page
Elizabeth’s Page
Face to Face
Guthy Jackson Foundation
Hopeful Parents
Fight ALD
Brave Hero
Lizzy’s Page
Fat Disorders
Hug Your Kids Today
Small Portion of Life’s Journey
Seeking Continual Change
Little Miss Hannah
Day in the Life of Luca
Madison’s Foundation
Matilda Matters
Odes of Survival
Being Bertrand
Running for Kelly
McMahon Trust
Dr. Val’s Blog (Better Health)
Dr. Rob’s Blog
Rare Disease Support
NPC Australia
Special Needs Support
My Snugly
Marcy’s Chronicles
Downey’s Blog
Moments in the Undiagnosed World
Rare Disease Blogs (Eurordis & NORD)
Claire Bidwell Smith at Mamapedia
Julia & Maya Clark
Johan’s Blog
Sneak Peek
Always Home and Uncool
Bridget’s Post on Rare
NIH Gene Reviews
Suite 101 on Jeans
Southern Belle’s CB Page
RSS/SGA Support
Charming BB
You’re invited (Facebook event, here):
By Silvia Jané:
On the 28th of February is the World Day of Rare Diseases. I propose to make a picture of the moon and hang it (there will be a full moon) in solidarity with all people with rare diseases that share the same moon that the other inhabitants of the earth. Don’t forget the name of the place from you have took the pic!
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Research Day
A huge thanks to all of our participants and to Lauren L. for the dog drawing (love it).