Pallister-Killian Syndrome affects fewer than 300 known cases in the world. So, yes, it is a rare disease and we all know how that feels don’t we?
PKS Kids (; is holding its biennial medical conference in NJ in June. It means so much for the families to get together to share successes and stories and to meet with medical personnel who can give advice and help as well as further research.
Pepsi is giving away millions of dollars on a website called “Pepsi Refresh Project.” Ten causes will receive up to $25,000 to help families and businesses who need funding for their causes. The families of PKS Kids applied to have their cause one of the top ten.
Up until the end of the day of April 30, people can go to the website (; and vote one time a day to have PKS be one of the top ten causes. Please use all your email addresses to vote!
Will you please add your vote so we can win $25,000 to bring families from around the world together for this conference?
Thank you!
Gretchen Peters
Mom of Simon;