Dear SibParent friends —
When I wrote the Sibshop curriculum, one thing that made writing the book a bit easier was having a good idea of who my readers would be.  That’s because I know the prime movers who are determined to get Sibshops started in their communities.  They’re usually moms. Moms are often the most determined to create something valuable for their “other” kids.
Some moms run Sibshops.  More often, however, moms are involved in behind-the-scenes roles.  They persuade agencies to create Sibshops.  Moms encourage agencies to collaborate on Sibshops. They seek funding for local Sibshop efforts.  And they raise awareness among parents and service providers about Sibshops and sibling issues. Not all contribute in the same way, but one way or another, they make Sibshops happen.
As a member of SibParent, you are more interested in sibs’ life-long and ever-changing concerns than most people will ever be.  And your child may already attend a local Sibshop.  There are currently 270 Sibshops worldwide.  Although I am proud of this number, there are literally millions of young brothers and sisters of kids with special needs.  And there is a great need for more Sibshops.
As the attached University of Washington study suggests, Sibshops have an enduring effect on the relationships between kids who attend and their brothers and sisters. Supporting sibs now, while they’re young, will have benefits that will last well into their adulthood.
If you’d like to help get a Sibshop started in your community, please write me at donmeyer{at}siblingsupport{dot}orgor call me at 206-297-6368.  I would welcome an opportunity to talk to you about bringing Sibshops to your community.
Best, as always,
Don Meyer
Director, Sibling Support Project
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{My daughter, Ella, did a sibshop a few years ago and really loved it. Last year when she needed to collect postcards from around the world – the sibling support community sent in more than 100 postcards for Ella. Siblings need support just like moms, dads and the like — thank you Don! Catherine C.}