You may have seen this announcement earlier in the week, kind of, okay really, exciting:
Would you like to know more about science and technology issues facing the Nation and the man advising the President on these matters? We’re not just talking about things you could learn in a textbook. This is about making science personal. Do you want Dr. Holdren’s opinion on, say, technological aspects of pop culture or the relevance of sci-fi? Is there a random query lumbering around in your head, the answer to which you absolutely must have directly from the President’s Science Advisor? Well, wait no longer, because this week OSTP is unveiling “Ask the President’s Science Advisor.”
To ask a burning question of Dr. Holdren, send an e-mail to or tweet your short question to @whitehouseostpwith hashtag #AskDrH. Dr. Holdren will select one query each week and answer it via a short blog post to appear every Friday, starting May 14.
More details here.
Well, I cannot resist things like this and submitted a question by tweet this morning. Apparently, Dr. H has gotten more emails than tweets so I am hoping to increase my question visibility with the tweet approach.
Sci Question (2)
I plan to submit one question per week until my question is picked. Should it be the same question each week? A new clever question each week? Help me. Dr. H is really looking for some student questions so maybe I can have Ella and Billy submit some questions as well.
ostp page (2)
If you want to follow the Ask Dr. H question and answer, see this link for the blog.
This question and answer opportunity seems pretty, ahem, open (see below, @TotallyExotic).
science question 2 (2)
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  2. Joseph Ervine says:

    I tried to email a question concerning the Vile Vortices and the link has been shut down, guess he didn’t like the questions he was getting

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