Derek Seymour, an 11 year old boy with the rare disease Joubert’s Syndrome, will be on the NBC TODAY SHOW tomorrow morning JUNE 22ND.  Please tune in and spread the word about our rare disease friends giving national attention to our community. Al Roker will be visiting the Eagle Mount program in Bozeman, Montana where Derek Seymour participates in activities for children with Special Needs.

Eagle Mount, a program for kids with special needs and/or cancer has been developed to help provide therapeutic and recreational activities for these children. Derek skis, swims, rides horses, plays golf, has Saturday night outs, etc. “It’s an incredible program that was started by parents who didn’t even have kids with special needs”, states Kelly Seymour, mother of Derek. “Eagle Mount was built because the founders saw a need and they wanted to help! This community has been been an absolute blessing to us.”
Derek will be riding Winnie, one of Eagle Mount’s horses which was donated to Eagle Mount by Tom Brokaw and his family who have been critical supporters of Eagle Mount for many years.  Tune in, Tuesday June 22 when the TODAY show airs in your time zone.