Children's Rare Disease NeworkOnline Knowledge Share Platform to Provide Valuable Information to Rare Disease Community
Dana Point, Calif. (June 29, 2010) – Every parent needs a supportive, collaborative network full of information where medical professionals, researchers, patients, parents, advocates and the general public share knowledge about the rare childhood diseases that affect 22.5 million American families. RareSpace is an online knowledge sharing platform designed in partnership with R.A.R.E. Project, the Children’s Rare Disease Network and to help grow resources for children with special needs. This resource is available online now at RareSpace.
“RareSpace is a unique and valuable tool for families caring for children with rare diseases,” says Jonathan Jacoby, CEO of the R.A.R.E Project. “With the help of, RareSpace will become a safe place to share important information aggregated from the rare disease community at large, which is vital to finding hope for children.”
It’s the collaborative structure of RareSpace that makes it truly unique. The site will educate and connect users about critical resources, innovations in research, standards of care as well as best practices in treating rare diseases and disorders. Creating a community filled with medical professionals, policy advocates, researchers and parents catalyzes a free exchange of information, increasing the general knowledge quotient of every stakeholder. The goal is to supply real resources and connections for those who are in the care of children living with rare diseases and disorders, and help each family not feel isolated in their struggles to care, treat and advocate for these sick children.
“It’s so critical for families and caregivers to have a knowledge bank like RareSpace to draw from,” says Devon Watts, community manager at “We are excited that is a part of connecting a community and granting an open space for dialogue and education. It’s the widespread sharing of information that will benefit patients most.”
Different from other community sites, one key advantage of RareSpace is that people can share documents and resources very easily. Discussions of genetics and genetic diseases in general happen on RareSpace, with the understanding that research on all these diseases could lead to cures for other genetic disorders as well. Articles on translational research and discussions of possible cures for diseases can be found on RareSpace. A major benefit is that medical professionals will answer questions posed by site users about treatment, best practices and how to best help these children and their families. Users will create profiles and have the opportunity to upload documents and links and connect with other users all within the RareSpace portal. In addition to connecting within RareSpace, users will have the ability to create disease specific groups that can all be linked with RareSpace. This robust platform provides numerous ways to share critical information and knowledge across the rare disease community, which can be done in a safe environment that includes representation from all of the key stakeholders involved in rare disease.