Announcing the Launch of an Online Gallery for Artists Affected by Rare Diseases
Art is the expressive medium that we all use when capturing the trials and triumphs of our human existence. For rare disease patients, life’s meaning takes on the greater significance that comes with struggling day to day with a devastating disease and unanswerable questions.
Why me?
Why this disease?
What does my future hold?
Art as an expression of these challenges in life and in living each day, can be a particularly powerful medium to guide all of us, in our struggles and successes.  Artists affected by rare disease communicate their pain, frustration, optimism and joy, and through their work we can see more about ourselves.
We decided to highlight the important value of art from those living with the personal strain of a rare disease that may otherwise get lost in the noise and flash of a twittered society.  We set up an art contest to bring forward that art and honor its value to all of us.  The outpouring of great artwork and personal stories made it all the more clear that we had to bring this experience to a broader audience.
Our decision was to create, an online gallery dedicated to artists affected by a rare disease. creates a permanent, free, virtual space where “rare artists” can express themselves and provide an outlet for more people to view their work.  The Gallery is intended to showcase the artwork and the Artist, in order to bring awareness to the rare disease community.  The first collection is comprised of artwork submitted to our EveryLife Art Contest, and we encourage the rare disease community to continue to contribute their work to the site to grow the collection.  At you can:

• View exceptional works of art by artists of all ages
• Upload your own art and share your story
• Send FREE e-cards of your favorite art

The Foundation has a Free Widget to put on your website to promote the Gallery. Please contact if your organization would like to receive a widget and partner with us to showcase artists affected by rare diseases.