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August 31, 2010

CONTACT:  Howard Liebers
ALEXANDRIA, VA – Close to 50 million Americans each year still struggle to access the health care services they need. We will not achieve health equity in the United States until each person has the opportunity to attain their full potential and no one is disadvantaged simply because of socially determined circumstances. MarbleRoad is here to help improve access to quality, affordable health care services for rare disease patients and community health center patients who require specialty care services not offered by their primary care providers.
Catherine Calhoun, a member of the MarbleRoad Board of Directors and parent of a child with fibrous dysplasia says, “As a parent living in the trenches of complex medical need, I believe that MarbleRoad offers an amazing opportunity to build support and a sense of community for people who need it the most. MarbleRoad is a place where we can come together to support, inform and connect.”
Tomorrow, September 1, tickets will go on sale for the MarbleRoad Launch Party and Fundraising event, which will be held on Saturday, October 23, 2010 (20th Anniversary of Make a Difference Day) at Convergence in Alexandria, VA. Several artists, including David FooxMeredith Towsand,Elizabeth JamesonRegina HollidayVesna JovanovicElizabeth Cohn, and Julie Gideon-Smith have donated works to the cause. Moreover, Rick Guidotti of Positive Exposure has donated a professional photo shoot at his studio in New York City. All proceeds from the event will be used to provide financial assistance grants directly to individuals and families to help them with overcoming the burdens of the cost of care. Primary beneficiaries include patients with rare and neglected diseases (more than 6,000 rare diseases impact 30 million Americans) and community health center patients who require specialty care services not offered by their primary care providers (more than 1,250 health centers serve over 20 million Americans). For a more complete list of artists, additional details about the event, and to purchase tickets and/or donate to the event please visit
MarbleRoad will distribute its financial assistance in a unique way, by promoting the spirit of volunteerism, anyone can serve, and a commitment to a lifetime of service. MarbleRoad Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Howard Liebers, is an AmeriCorps Alumnus who completed two full terms of service (totaling 3400 hours of service) with Community HealthCorps, and logged more than 500 hours of volunteer service at his local hospital in high school before that. MarbleRoad includes a volunteer service requirement as a part of the eligibility for financial assistance. In this way, financial assistance is not just a handout, but it also leverages additional community impact.


MarbleRoad began as a blog in 2009, which has had more than 11,000 views to date through its original website and syndication on The Children’s Rare Disease Network Blog.  In just over a year, MarbleRoad has evolved into a non-profit, whose mission is to connect people who have complex illnesses with the resources they need to help them improve their lives. MarbleRoad focuses on rare or undiagnosed diseases and the needs of community health center patients who seek specialty care services not offered by their primary care providers. Please visit for more information.
For more information about Make a Difference Day visit

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