1 thought on “Rare Kids Need Your Votes!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    My son suffered one of the most severe cases of McCune-Albright and he lived beyond the doctors’ predictions. He passed away in December/08. He felt he had a mission that was to encourage other patients with this or similar conditions to enjoy life anyway and find their gifts inside them to share to the world. Click on this link here to read how self-actualization in the face of supreme difficulty became one person’s singular goal in life.
    This is a blog that will give you a brief glimpse of what a patient with rare syndrome can feel in a positive way.
    Also, I would thank you very much if you leave a comment and/or pass the link to share this story with more people. The creator of the blog: Bruce W. Hall has the project of writing Mauricio’s biography with my help because I have hundreds of amazing anecdotes.

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