A Man With A Mission, Championing Rare Disease, Meeting it Head On!
Meet Dr. Brandon Colby, someone who has been involved in the genetics field for his entire life, first as a patient, then as a researcher, and now as a practicing physician. Because he was born with a rare genetic disease (Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex) that causes his skin to be exquisitely temperature sensitive, he has always taken a personal interest in genetics and knew from an early age that advancing the field of genetic medicine would be his life’s work.  I had the honor of being introduced to him through our friends at Jacobs Cure, an organization that supports patients and families affected by Canavan Disease.  Cool, isn’t it – this is how it is supposed to work.  Connecting with the community, sharing and learning from one another, sometimes the type of disease is less important then the importance of sharing knowledge.  So thanks to Jacobs Cure, we are thrilled to have been able to make the acquaintance of Dr. Colby.
Dr. Colby has a deep understanding of the rare disease community and it’s needs, and has committed himself to focus his efforts on those impacted by these rare genetic disorders.   He has accomplished much as a patient, researcher and physician.  He has conducted extensive research in the field of clinical genetic analysis, inventing numerous patent-pending technologies that make comprehensive genetic testing understandable, useful, and empowering to both the healthcare provider and the patient.
He is also a world leader in the field of Predictive Medicine, a groundbreaking medical specialty that combines comprehensive genetic screening with personalized prevention based upon the individual’s genes. The primary goal of Predictive Medicine is to empower people to fight back and protect themselves against any diseases to which they are genetically predisposed before the diseases ever manifest.
In his free time, (I say that with a smile), he has recently authored a book entitled ‘Outsmart Your Genes, the definitive layperson’s guide to predictive medicine and genetic testing’, and this is where and why you will be seeing him contributing to RARE Blog.  To help educate all of us on the who, what, where, when & why of genetic testing, understanding your genes, and preventing disease.
We hope you will follow Dr. Brandon Colby and the RARE Blog as he helps us understand the complexities of genetics in a way that is engaging, non-threatening and easy to understand.  Blogs you are definitely going to want to pass on!

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