Fact:  If you discover that you are at increased risk for a disease, there are actions you can take to decrease the likelihood that you will get the disease or to limit its impact on you if it should ever manifest.~ Brandon Colby, MD
Imagine A World Without Disease.
This world may one day be possible.  How?  Through scientific advances in genetic technology that allow physicians to look at your genes and predict future disease.  by predicting the diseases you are likely to encounter throughout your life as well as the diseases you may pass on to your children, genetic technology is now able to empower you and your doctor to fight against disease before it even manifests so that you can outsmart your genes and start protecting your future today.
Dr. Colby has authored the book, Outsmart Your Genes, which is written in straight-forward, easy to understand language so that everyone, even those without any medical or scientific background, can finally understand genetic testing and exactly how it can benefit their life today.  Dr. Colby will be contributing to RARE Blog and will be providing you introductions to different tools and information that will help guide you to better understand the impact that genes play on our families health.  Separating myth from fact, Dr. Colby will answer all the tough questions, including:

  • What genetic information can reveal about your overall health and how you and your doctor can use that information to create a genetically tailored plan to predict, prevent, and prevail over cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, obesity, and many other conditions.
  • How genetic testing can help both prospective and current parents protect the health of their children against a number of diseases, including autism, asthma, dyslexia, multiple sclerosis, obesity, and diabetes. The book also explains how genetic testing can now predict and prevent life-threatening conditions that affect babies and children, including SIDS and other causes of sudden death.
  • Why testing your children right now may provide the best chance they have to fight against diseases that won’t manifest until later in life, including Alzheimer’s, many forms of cancer, and even hearing loss.
  • How and why genetic panel screening and disease matrix technology with reflex analysis allow you and your physician to focus only on the most relevant information, thereby avoiding information overload.
  • The important concepts you need to understand before speaking with a doctor.

Dr. Brandon Colby will be contributing regularly to the RARE Blog.