A special offer for the holiday offered by 23andMe
We have been discussing with various experts the importance of genetic testing and what it means for our families. There are many organizations that are providing genetic testing services that are reliable, have trusted technology and provide insights into our individual health. 23andMe, one of the leading genetic testing firms, is offering an intimate view of your own DNA for just $99* and a little saliva. 23andMe will help friends and family gain insight into their ancestral origins, traits, from baldness to muscle performance, discover risk factors for 91 diseases and know predicted response to drugs, from blood thinners to coffee.
Apart from learning about yourself, one of the things I am most compelled by is the ability to participate in 23andMe’s research initiatives. Through research studies like these we may one day better understand how genetics influence people’s risk for disease, how well treatments work, and how likely people are to have certain traits or conditions.
And it’s easy to participate. Once you set up your 23andMe account, you can start completing online surveys about your behavior, environment, and health history. Then 23andMe combines this data with your genetic information in order to make discoveries and accelerate the development of more effective treatments and the reality of personalized medicine. Participants do not have to be located near a research institution or visit a clinic for invasive procedures. Instead, participants can fill out surveys in the comfort of their own home (hot cocoa in hand!) and let the supercomputers do the research for us.
23andMe’s special discounted price of $99 is available through 12/25/2010 and requires a minimum one-year subscription of $5/month for which 23andMe account holders will receive regular updates about new genetic discoveries.* For the holidays this year, consider giving your family and loved ones this very special gift.
For more information about this offer please contact 23andMe at help@23andme.com
We will also be providing you additional insights into other firms that are also providing testing services. It is important that you are presented all your options. What is most important however, is that you take that next step and consider a deeper understanding of ‘you’! For your health, your families health and future generations!
Nicole Boice