Decision. A word. An action. A finality of choice, sometimes met with indecision and fear. Sometimes the decision coaxes our self to make even more choices with certitude. We make decisions every day. Some decisions are reversible, most are final; and whatever we decide – we are always in resolve of the conclusion.
I awoke this morning, as usual, to the sound of children sometimes laughing, mostly arguing… chasing each other around the house, ignoring the demands of morning rituals of teeth brushing, getting dressed and eating breakfast. The silent slumber not to be experienced for another 12 hours, it was this moment I had to make my first decision of the day. Do I get out of bed or wait for one or both of my children to come to me and experience their joy of the day first hand? If I were to stay in this bed, I would endure the loud clamor of their voices, beautiful sounds of laughter as they may be, the once quiet solitude would therefore be broken. If I get out of bed, I will then have to decide who needs a shower, who gets the first hug, who needs to eat and whether or not I should get through another day without washing my oily hair.
With either of these decisions, thus will come a turn of events that could change the rest of my day. I could choose to enjoy the noise and love the attention, or I could start my day with my own convention. Either way, I will have chosen my fate of the day. The decision is mine – whether by choice or happenstance. The choice is all mine.
Once I decide which course to take, I will have to live with the decision. I make decisions all day long. Sometimes, I just don’t realize it. I can go through a day, making choices and/or decisions about what foods to eat, whether or not I answer the phone, what time is right to take the kids to school, if reprimanding my child for something trivial which results in disappointment for all, or whether the messy kitchen or load of darks should be done before noon – all choices without any thought. But, am I really doing it without thought? Am I able to pursue a direction or routine that exists without the constant need for a decision? Either way, the end result will always have a consequence.
If I get out of bed, it’s very possible that my 7 year old will be disappointed he didn’t get to snuggle underneath warmed sheets. My 9 year old won’t get to sneak the wireless wi-fi for his IPod Touch that he should not be using prior to breakfast. I surely don’t want to upset anyone or disappoint my children. They do need to get ready for school. They need to brush their teeth, not run around like they were chickens with their heads cut off.
If I stay in bed, it will surely result in debates of who will jump high enough to get mommy giggling, or who gets that first morning hug. I surely don’t want to have an argument as soon as I awake, and although I like to giggle, I doubt I can satisfy two male egos at the same time. Either way, the day must progress and move ahead. Hopefully, it won’t take me too long to decide.
As I think about all the decisions I make in a day, I have come to realize that no matter what decision I make, what choice befalls me, or the outcome of such consequence – the reality is there is never one answer nor is there one route to take. And, whatever decision I make, will directly affect the remainder of my day, influence the decisions and actions of others and touch upon the law of life. And, I have to live with those results.
So….what shall I do? I will begin with a prayer, know that it is God’s will and accept the course of action that has been given to me this day…..for I am blessed with all the love and hope that surrounds me.
As I tell my children every day “the choices we make are the choices we live with”….. Today I will make the decisions that are best for me at that moment and reflect on the outcome of those choices…..…….Alexander and Ian….I’m so glad I decided to hug you at the same time today…..
For those of you struggling to make a decision – remember that no matter what course of action you choose to take – the decision will be right for you at the time you make it. Some decisions are harder than others. Some are life altering, some are miniscule and some take years to get to an end result. I suggest reflecting on the outcome that you wish to achieve. And if there is no time for such reflection – then, accept your choice and move forward knowing all the while that your decisions are a result of your willingness to succeed – your zest for life and the determination to put yourself in a position of ease.
Now I’m going to take that shower I desperately need!!