Over 50 kids and their families descended upon the RARE Offices to help make denim ribbons in preparation for World Rare Disease Day taking place this February 28, 2011!  It was inspiring to see so many kids, that I am sure would have rather been playing with their new toys and hanging out with their friends, take time out of their holiday break to help make denim ribbons in support of Global Genes Project and its efforts for World Rare Disease Day!

It is exciting to see the support and enthusiasm from these families!  Over the course of two weeks, volunteers will have made over 10,000 denim ribbons that will be distributed to various rare disease organizations, corporations hosting ‘Wear Jeans’ events, and individuals throughout the community.

Pfizer, Shire, Amicus, Illumina, Genzyme and other organizations have purchased denim ribbons and will be hosting various awareness events at their offices.  Global Genes Project is also reaching out to parent advocates across the country, encouraging them to host an event in support of World Rare Disease Day!  The event can be big or small, as simple as hosting a ‘Wear Jeans’ party, getting together scout groups, make denim ribbons, host blue parties, engage schools, create educational events, anything at all!   We will be creating a national press event, and will work to have the media attend your event, to help build unity and awareness for this important day, this important cause and this important community in need!


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