Global Genes Project volunteers working on multiple programs to build awareness and support World Rare Disease Day, Feb 28, 2011!

Ever want to be part of something bigger?  Ever want to really feel like people are helping champion your cause.  Well. . . they are.   The Global Genes Project was developed by the rare disease community, for the rare disease community.  The goals, to share with the world and educate about the needs of this community, raise awareness globally and ultimately help raise much needed funds for ‘in their lifetime’ research and therapy development.

There has been amazing momentum since the launch of this campaign 1 year ago.   As a result, we have hundreds of rare disease advocacy groups involved and thousands of individuals, engaged, getting involved, volunteering, and helping spread the word.   This campaign has started building real unity within the rare disease community and is working to help engage new champions to help all our efforts!

Some of the great programs underway:

7K Bracelets of Hope

Volunteers, designers, children’s groups have all started sending beautiful hand made bracelets that we will be distributing to families around the globe.   We won’t stop until we have received 7,000 bracelets and have distributed them to 7,000 families.  This 7,000 number is representative of the 7,000 different rare diseases and disorders that have currently been identified.   It has been really amazing to see bracelets come to us from around the world, with personal notes of support for those recipients.  The main message is that ‘they are not alone’, and that there are many people out there that want to help and show there support.   Inspiring!!!  Please join us at and join this campaign today – and pass it on!

Global Genes 7,000 Bracelets for Hope Logo

Global Genes '7,000 Bracelets for Hope' supports World Rare Disease Day

Blue Denim Genes Ribbon Making and Distribution

We have had volunteers (mainly made up of children) participating in ribbon making efforts since November.  Communities are coming together to help.  Corporations are jumping in to support this effort as well.  We will be distributing these ribbons leading up to World Rare Disease Day, Feb 28.  And ribbons are officially being sent around the world in recognition for this important day.   Corporate Support has come from; Pfizer, BIO, Shire, Genzyme, BioMarin, Healthline, Illumina, with more joining and supporting every week.  We thank these organizations, it is because of their involvement that we can provide many of these resources and programs to the community.

How can you get involved – Host a denim event in your community, Host a bracelet making party, Wear Jeans, Wear Blue Denim Ribbons, join us at for more information and ideas.  And also join us online at Facebook, there you will also hear from many of the community member sharing ideas!!

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