Today, AT Children’s Project promoted to it’s community what they have created to support World Rare Disease Day, and the benefit to their community.   ATCP has created a plan that can be mirrored by other rare disease organizations as well.   They have created a platform based on the Global Genes Project that will make it easy for their community to get involved, and raise much needed funds for their disease!  Please take a look at the blog entry below – don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or you can contact ATCP for ideas as well.


Join the A-T Children’s Project and the community of affected families around the world in spotlighting WORLD RARE DISEASE DAY. We’ve got a lot of exciting research happening, and it’s your fundraising efforts that make it happen.

Let us help you plan a RARE DISEASE event during February and March. We’ve got everything you need…

  • Denim and Diamond Parties – invitations are ready to personalize with your event
  • Jeans for Genes… at work or school or ANYWHERE – imagine everyone at your workplace in jeans on Fridays during Feb. and March
  • New paper Jeans Ribbons sell for $1 and come with poster of your local child to honor
  • New Jeans Ribbons lapel pins sell for $5 on an info card

The A-T Children’s Project is partnering with The Global Genes Project (GGP) keeping with their theme of “hope. it’s in our genes.” While we are using materials developed by the GGP, 100% of all proceeds go straight into the pockets of the A-T Children’s Project.

We might be small in numbers, but together we’re strong. DID YOU KNOW: There are currently just over 7,000 rare diseases identified, affecting 30 million people in the US alone. Approximately 75% of those affected are children, making this disease category one of the most deadly and debilitating for our country’s children.

If you are planning on participating in any of our upcoming A-T CureTeam events,

get a jump on your fundraising minimum with a RARE DISEASE event!

Email fundraising or call 800.543.5728.

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