Global Genes Project is making it easy for children across the country to show that they CARE ABOUT RARE.  School children are getting ready to participate in ‘Wear That You Care’ to show support for World Rare Disease Day February 28!  Wearing jeans is a simple way to get involved and support this community in need.

Two Global Genes Project committee volunteers are reaching out to local school district superintendents to get entire districts involved!

This is a copy of a letter that was sent to a superintendent of schools. We thought we would share the idea if others wanted to follow suit.  It is a really easy thing to do to show our support.  Keep your fingers crossed that we can get this through at the last minute!

Hello Dr. Egan,

This is Kerry Hughes.  I have two children in the district.  My son Nate is in 6th grade at MSN and my daughter Olivia is in 3rd grade at Spencer Loomis.  We met a couple of years ago when I served on the redistricting committee.

Along with my friend Lori Butler, who is also a district parent, I am currently involved with charity work for The Global Genes Project.  ( This is a grassroots movement out of Dana Point, California , which advocates for children and families battling rare disease.  The mission of the campaign is to educate and raise awareness and funding for the approximately 30,000 people in the U.S. that are affected by some 7,000 rare diseases.

A fellow teacher and dear friend is my inspiration for  getting on board  The Global Genes Project.  Sara Kennicott is a Reading Specialist at North Barrington Elementary School. Her daughter Bridget turned six in November and is affected by a rare, neurological condition known as Batten’s Disease.  At present, Batten’s Disease is always fatal. (   Lori and I are passionate about being champions for Bridget and the millions of others that fight rare disease.

World Rare Disease Day is Monday, February 28th.  In aligning with our district wide “Character Counts” curriculum, Lori and I would like to propose that  the students, teachers and administration of our district  courageously gather together, donate one dollar to  wear denim on this day and join thousands of Americans  as we “wear that we care.”

This is a very simple way for our LZ 95 community to join together and demonstrate our  integrity and loyalty to the “greater good.”  Lori and I would be delighted to work together with you and  implement the details of this endeavor!

I am attaching more information so that you are able to see the difference our students can make by choosing to “wear that they care” on February 28th.