Positive Exposure, we all want it, right?  Well, there is no more deserving a community then those children with rare diseases, disorders and conditions!  And there is an organization that is moving mountains in an effort to bring positive exposure to many children and young adults with some of the most debilitating conditions.

In 1997, Rick Guidotti, a well respected fashion photographer in NYC decided that he no longer wanted to be told ‘who’ and ‘what’ was beautiful.  He became enamored with the beauty in a child affected by albinism, and at that moment knew what he wanted to do.

Rick founded ‘POSITIVE EXPOSURE’ a 501c3 arts, education and advocacy organization working with individuals living with genetic differences.  Through vigorous cross-sector partnerships with health organizations and educational institutions, ‘POSITIVE EXPOSURE’ utilizes the visual arts to significantly impact the fields of genetics, mental health and human rights.

POSITIVE EXPOSURE addresses public fears about difference with positive images and powerful life stories.  It’s impact – massive.  It’s affect on the communities children, incredibly positive in a multitude of ways.   And there is no better way to express Rick’s gift than through a quote from Kristina Venning of England, who has worked with and been photographed by Rick and his team.  “Today, for the first time, I looked into the mirror and thought, I am proud of who I am.  I realize the hate and abuse will never disappear from my life, but what has disappeared is the hatred I felt for myself.”

Rick travels with his team to many rare disease groups family conferences, to meet first hand, these beautiful families and their children.  I encourage you to learn more about Rick and POSITIVE EXPOSURE at www.positivieexposure.org

Rick and team, we applaud your efforts and look forward to seeing you change perception, help instill a new found compassion for the millions of children suffering from the over 7,000 rare conditions.  Thank you for all you do!