‘Outsmart Your Genes’ Sweepstakes

Enter to win FREE genetic testing from Existence Genetics (including counseling on the results too, which Brandon Colby, MD will provide to both you and your healthcare provider). The Grand Prize genetic panel test can assess your risk for over 700 diseases and traits.

It’s saliva based (no needles/blood) and information on results is actionable and can be used to protect your health and longevity or that of your future children.

The Second Prize winner will be able to choose between the Athletic Fitness and Weight/Nutrition Management genetic panel test or a Dermatology-focused genetic panel test. Plus, there are daily drawings until April 23 giving away hardcover copies of Brandon Colby MD’s book Outsmart Your Genes.

To learn more and to enter, click here: https://www.facebook.com/brandoncolbymd.

1 thought on “Register to Win Free Genetic Test from Existence Genetics”

  1. Marlene Spolane says:

    I think my daughter may be a chimera. She has a line starting from the top to the bottom of her leg. The skin on one side is fair and the other side is olive complexion. To make it more difficult, my daughter has a twin brother. I did invtro and had three eggs and gave birth to twins. We have always thought it was a birthmark but after watching a girl on the Megan Kelly Show that has a line down her stomach, that is my daughter. My daighter’s Looks identical to that.

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