This year’s contest produced another amazing collection of beautiful artistic expression. We received many incredible and moving works of art in a variety of mediums, including paintings, drawings, quilts, photography, sculptures and glass work.

Entries to this year’s contest grew by nearly 50% from our inaugural contest with our Board members reviewing nearly 200 original works of art.

Each Grand Prize winner will receive a Visa™ gift card (Children $100, Teens $250 and Adults $500) and a Flip™ Video camcorder.

Winners are encouraged to use the Flip™ to record their story about being an artist affected by a rare disease and post clips on

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners:
Children (ages 5-11): Tia Piziali “Excited Circles” and Alexis Almeida “sunburst”
Teens (ages 12-17): Holly Henry “the mask,” Kara Denson “Split Personality” and Janelle Radney “Wait for Me”
Adult (age 18+): Kathy Michels “Are We Done Yet?,” Judi Bartnicki “Morgan White Jr” and Haley Hopper “Content”
Adult Photography/Digital Art (age 18+): Trini Garro “Madonna of the Wash” and Heidi Montoya “La Vejiga”

Click here to see all the full list of winners and the winning works of art.