Leading Biotech Firm supports World Rare Disease Day.

This year, many organizations within the biotech community decided to participate in supporting World Rare Disease Day with a variety of activities.    Illumina, one of the world’s most successful genome sequencing biotech firms,  supported Rare Disease Day by partnering with the Global Genes Project Initiative.  Illumina distributed denim ribbons to all employees at their headquarters in San Diego, to wear in support of this community of millions in need.

In addition to the denim ribbon support, Illumina ran an internal communications program around rare diseases, their impact and how Illumina’s technologies are providing  answers for some of the rarest of these diseases and disorders.   Illumina will be continuing ongoing support efforts for the rare disease community throughout the year and has committed itself as an organization to increase it’s focus on rare disease and disorders.

For more information on Illumina’s Individual Genome Sequencing service, please visit: https://www.rarediseaseday.org/ and at https://www.everygenome.com/