Foward from Kathy Stagni of the Organic Acedemia Association, :

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for participating in today’s conference call. The bills, Omnibus bill SF 760 and the stand alone bill SF 1017 are moving quickly through the Minnesota Senate. Soon, they will go to the House. We are trying to get parents to agree to visit legislators this week and next and the Governor.

Marianne Keuhn from March of Dimes has agreed to arrange these meeting. We may also hold a press conference to discuss the benefits of newborn screening and the threat from the Minnesota bills to babies.

Please reach out to your MN members ASAP and see if they will go to meet the legislators with Marianne and/or attend a press conference. They should bring photos of their children along.

Marianne’s contact info is:

Marianne Keuhn
State Director of Programs & Public Affairs
March of Dimes

Thanks you for your help.

Kelly R. Leight, J.D.
Preserving the Future of Newborn Screening
Tel: 973-440-8787