Rep. Charles Schwertner has just introduced and amendment to HB1which would have a tremendous potential impact on newborn screening. If approved, it would reduce laboratory services by $40 million for the biennium.

Please note that Texas has a 2 year budget. It is also important to know that laboratory services is also being reduced by approximately $6.4 million for the biennium, which is already a part of the cuts in House Bill 1.

The newborn screening is not protected under these budget cuts and the lives of over 500 Texas babies are saved by newborn screening each year. Newborn screening is only required in TX to the extent funding is available. This means that if there is not enough money, newborn screening CAN be reduced and babies can become impaired or die!!

We need to take action NOW!

Please call your Representatives and let them know this amendment must NOT pass.

Here is a link to the House website where you can look up who represents you in the TX House:

or, here is a link to the full House (click on pictures to get contact info):

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