Ask An Expert: Dr. Fran Kendall from Virtual Medical Practice

Dare To Hope is excited to launch our “Ask An Expert” series with Dr. Fran Kendall!

Dr. Frances Dougherty Kendall has extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of children & adults with a wide array of inborn errors of metabolism, specifically mitochondrial & metabolic disorders. Dr. Kendall was trained and on staff at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School for a number of years, was the previous 50% owner of a successful genetics laboratory/healthcare provider (Horizon Molecular Medicine), currently serves on the Medical Advisory Board to and is a frequently requested speaker.

Dr. Kendall is a Biochemical Geneticist and was also trained in pediatrics. She has authored numerous research articles on various rare diseases that include mitochondrial disease and an array of other inborn errors of metabolism and has a long term interest in research and clinical aspects of metabolic disorders. She currently brings this vast experience to her patients at Virtual Medical Practice,

How it works:

Submit your question for Dr. Kendall to with “Dr. Kendall” as the subject line by April 23rd. Dr. Kendall’s responses will be published in Dare To Hope’s May e-newsletter. (sign up for newsletter

The fine print:

Dr. Kendall will not be able to make diagnoses without seeing a patient.  Answering a question does not imply any type of physician-patient relationship.  The purpose of “Ask An Expert” is to field general questions and advice.  Any and all responses from “Ask An Expert” should not be in place of medical advice given by the patient’s attending physician. Always seek counsel from the patient’s attending physician before following any medical advice.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Kendall has been very good to our family as our daughter deals with mito. She was gracious to help me with an article explaining mito that is here:

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