Life Technologies hosted rare disease families at the San Diego Padres Season Opener against the San Francisco Giants! What a great evening had by all who attended this exciting event hosted by Life Technologies. Rare disease families in the southern California area were treated to an afternoon of baseball in the Life Technologies Stadium Suite, chock full of delicious stadium food, drinks and great conversation!

Kids from the Global Genes community were invited to participate representing various diseases including Juvenile Dermatomyocitis, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Tay Sachs, Williams Syndrome, Pediatric Cancer and Dystonia.

In addition to the Padres beating the Giants, one mother was thrilled with the opportunity to speak to other parents of children with rare disorders.   She talked about how she is so entrenched in her son’s disease that she didn’t even think about or wasn’t really aware of the fact that there are over 7,000 rare diseases and over 250 million people worldwide affected by rare disease.  She realized that there was so much to share with each other, even opportunities to learn from one another and that many issues that they face are common with other families dealing daily with different diseases and circumstances.

Tom, Shari and Parker Hume enjoying a day at the Padres Game

The parents were very grateful to have the opportunity to attend and bring their families. Additionally, all attendees were given Global Genes ribbons, Treatable T’-Shirts from partner 46NYC and lots of Padres goodies.   A huge thank you to Life Technologies for helping make wonderful memories for these well deserving children and their families.

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