ForeverSibs provides support for siblings of kids affected by rare disease!

ForeverSibs was founded in 2009 in an effort to acknowledge the siblings of children who are affected by a rare disease/disorder, or autism. The mission of ForeverSibs is to honor and recognize the unique role of brothers and sisters of children with medical and developmental challenges through social support and education, thereby decreasing their anxiety and isolation. ForeverSibs is a membership based organization that provides resources, support, and gift packages that are sent in the mail to siblings who have a brother or sister with special needs. A parent, extended family member, or other adult may enroll a child in the program on an annual basis for a nominal cost.

Membership fees will help defray the cost of these items and will also support the ForeverSibs Vocational Program. This highly structured, supervised program trains teens and young adults with a rare disease, disorder, or autism to participate in a variety of vocational tasks associated with operating the organization.

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