You’ve been through it before. You meet a new physician or end up in the ER trying to explain the complicated medical history of your child. You produce a file folder bulging with information explaining which meds cause a life-threatening reaction or the results of tests your child has already taken – twice. Sound familiar? It may be time to consider moving to a personal Electronic Health Record (EHR).

An EHR (EHRs) provides easy access to detailed, electronic medical information. Even the most in-depth files are clearly streamlined and complete with the latest updates on your child’s health. Whether you visit one doctor or several, the EHR is available online anytime and anywhere. No more lost films, no more difficulties in deciphering a doctor’s handwriting or test results.

As an emergency room physician, I have often seen parents struggling with hospital staff to communicate all of the vital information needed from the worn pages of their child’s medical file folder. I believe there is an easy answer to the need for this vital information. Wouldn’t you rather comfort your ailing child than try and remember if they had a reaction to a certain medication the last time they were in the ER?

Today a personal EHR can offer peace of mind. Parents have the opportunity to take control of the information needed to help their child. EHRs give you the freedom to review, ask questions and share your child’s medical history – as well as help physicians make an informed diagnosis.

Please consider the following when choosing an EHR service. They should:

  • Set up easily. In as little as three steps, you should gain access to and be able to maintain your secure electronic record 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Allow parents to share information with multiple health care providers for time saving collaborations.
  • Help avoid costly and unnecessary repetition of tests and procedures through record keeping.
  • Quickly and easily outline prior care to reduce the risk of medical errors.
  • Provide a quick review of immunizations, specialist reports and prescription records.
  • Be cost-effective and easy to use.
  • Allow your doctors to collaborate and contribute to your single comprehensive medical file.

With this life-saving information easily available online, doctors can provide the best treatment and parents are free to focus completely on their children.  A few saved minutes and the presence of valuable information can make the difference in both everyday life and during emergencies.

About the Author: Dr. Martin H. Orens, a board certified emergency room physician, is the president and founder of KARE Information Services (KIS) Electronic Health Records. Dr. Orens offers a secure, yet easily accessible personal Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that empowers patients and helps health care providers to better serve them. For more information on KIS-EHR, visit

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