Sometimes there aren’t easy solutions to complex medical problems. Often, a hug can help. It’s amazing how much pain and anxiety you can relieve with a simple hug. Hugs are also like boomerangs – when you give one, you get one. And who couldn’t use a hug?


I wrote this poem for the 30 Day Hug Challenge I hope it helps you.

The Language of Hugs by Michelle Nichols


A HUG can say Hello,


A HUG can say Goodbye,


A HUG can say Good luck,


A HUG can say Good try!


A HUG can say I love you,


A HUG can say Hang in there!


A HUG can say I’m sorry,


A HUG can say I care.


A HUG can say so many things,


And some that don’t have words.


Sometimes a hug’s the only way


A heart in need is heard.


Michelle Nichols AKA Mark’s mom
[email protected]

Founder, 30 Day Hug Challenge
Founder, Global Hug Your Kids Day – July 18, 2011