Parents Empower Yourself: Access Your Child’s Health Records Anytime, Anywhere

By Martin H. Orens M.D., FACEP

We never think a crisis will suddenly affect one of us.  That’s why we procrastinate in getting our medical information in order.  When an emergency does occur, we seek out medical help with the expectation that the treating physician – often someone never seen before – will have immediate answers to our complex past and present medical issues.

Any time a parent has to take a child to a doctor’s office or the emergency room, it is usually unexpected and always stressful. Quite often the doctor’s first order of business is to order tests to determine a treatment plan. Unfortunately, painful and costly procedures are often repeated because parents are unable to provide their child’s complete medical history and there is no universal access to their records. In today’s digital world, you have the opportunity to become empowered by utilizing a personal, patient-driven Electronic Health Record (EHR) for your child.  It offers an entire medical history – no matter the doctor, hospital or lab — to the attending physician.

You now have the ability to control access to your child’s detailed medical information and have complete freedom to share them with the healthcare provider of your choice. Whether you visit one doctor or several, a personal EHR is always available online. No more lost films, no more confusing test results and most importantly no delays in getting clear, accurate medical information when it’s desperately needed. Having easy access to medical records online means no prescription errors and a decreased chance of drug-to-drug adverse reactions.

The personal EHR is a big step in ensuring your child’s safety in all levels of medical service. Take control of the information needed to help your child. EHRs open an exciting new door to review, ask questions and share your child’s medical history – as well as help physicians make an informed diagnosis.

About the Author: Dr. Martin H. Orens, a board certified emergency room physician, is the president and founder of KARE Information Services (KIS) Electronic Health Records. Dr. Orens offers a secure, yet easily accessible personal Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that empowers patients and helps health care providers to better serve them. For more information on KIS-EHR, visit