In an exciting expansion of PRF’s global campaign to find all children with Progeria, The Progeria Research Foundation has joined forces with members of the Boston Bruins, creating  Public Service Announcements (PSAs) featuring players from Central and Eastern Europe, and Canada.

Recorded in both English and their native languages, the PSAs are being distributed in the Czech Republic, Finland, Serbia, Slovakia and Canada.

The “Find the Other 150” campaign has been remarkably successful in the countries where PRF has been able to penetrate, with a 48% increase in the number of children identified over the past 20 months. However, central and eastern Europe remain a challenge.  Partnering with Bruins players from these countries gives PRF the unique opportunity to raise awareness about Progeria and find more children to help.

To the Boston Bruins organization and players:

Thank you for your support!

Audrey Gordon, Esq.

President, Executive Director