Hikers take on a big challenge to raise awareness and climb for a cause!

On July 29th, 2011, 9 trekkers set out to reach Uhuru Peak – the highest point in Africa at 19,341 feet and the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  The group was comprised of a father and son team, friends from a tennis team, traveling buddies, and the owners of the company sponsoring the trek.

Starting in the rainforest the team trekked 6-8 miles a day, 5-10 hours a day, and passed through several different climate zones before reaching the summit on day 7.  The trekkers, aged 11 through 68, used the assistance of local porters and guides to help them along the way, and after the summit camped among the infamous snows of Kilimanjaro inside the crater.  Originally set up as the maiden voyage climb for KiliBound Adventures, a new family-owned climbing company born out of a love for Africa and a desire to make a difference, the trip was officially dedicated to the Children’s Rare Disease Network two days before the owners boarded the plane to Africa.

KiliBound Adventures chose CRDN for their inaugural trip in honor of two women in the business’s local community who had recently lost their children to rare diseases.  These women remain active advocates in the local community and around the USA raising awareness and funds for research and treatment of rare diseases.  In honor of the memory of their children, the trip was dedicated and the trekkers set out to solicit last minute pledges from their friends and family for the network.  Pledges were solicited per a successful summit, and several businesses chipped in to help the effort.  All 9 trekkers successfully made it to the top of Kilimanjaro and over $1,000.00 was pledged.

KiliBound Adventures hopes to sponsor a full-fledged charity climb in the near future.  For more information about KiliBound Adventures please contact:

James & Kassie McCune
Owners, KiliBound Adventures
402 Zorayda Avenue
St. Augustine, FL 32080, USA