It’s simple and takes less than a minute!

The Creating Hope Act was introduced in the House two weeks ago to great success.  We now have 37 sponsors and a lot of momentum.  We’re trying to get to 100 sponsors as quickly as possible.   The Creating Hope Act provides private market incentives for development of drugs for pediatric rare diseases through the extension of the priority review voucher program to children with rare diseases.  The Creating Hope Act is cost neutral – it does not require any appropriation.

We are asking the rare community to please take 2 minutes to click on the above link, which will take them to an RDLA page, to write their Senators and Representatives asking for support of the Creating Hope Act?  All you need do is type in your address.  There’s a form letter and the correct Members of Congress will be automatically identified.

It makes a great deal of difference if we get a lot of support now – so please take a few minutes – it will benefit us all!!!

Thank you,

Nancy Goodman, Founder KidsvCancer