It’s December 15th and that means only 75 days left until World Rare Disease Day on February 29th, 2012!

Other staggering statistics:

  • Estimated 350 million people worldwide affected by rare disease
  • Only 5% of rare diseases have treatments; there are no cures
  • Over 50% of rare diseases have no foundations, advocacy groups or community support
  • 1 in 10 Americans is affected by RARE disease, that’s over 30 million people
  • 30 million Americans is more than the total number of people living worldwide with cancer (28 million according to the Livestrong Foundation)

Can you please help us raise awareness to those affected by rare disease?

  • How have you, your family or a friend been affected by rare disease? Submit your story along with a photo via the form on our Facebook page. We will be promoting the stories on our RARE blog everyday during February leading up to World Rare Disease day. Receive a “Care about RARE” car sticker for submitting your story.
  • Are you a jewelry designer, school group or just a crafty person? Make and donate a bracelet to our 7000 Bracelets campaign and bring hope to a child/family living with rare. If you have a rare disease, please sign up to receive one of the bracelets.
  • Or, help us assemble blue denim ribbons for World Rare Disease day. We will send you a kit with all materials included! Email Amy at
  • Are you a blogger? Join our rare disease blog hop in January & February! Stay tuned for details around the start of the New Year.

Do you have other ideas on how to show support for the rare disease community?
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The mission of our Global Genes Project campaign is to increase awareness for the rare community.

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