At 17 months of age, he was diagnosed with a rare Leukodystrophy called Krabbe’s Disease. A genetic disorder affecting the nervous system and it’s communication to the brain. There is NO CURE and it is fatal!

Once my family and our doctors determined what was affecting my brother, we were encouraged to have me tested. Exactly one month after his confirmed diagnoses, I tested positive for the same disease. The only difference between the two of us is that I have no symptoms and became a candidate for a cord blood transplant.

At four months of age I had a CBT and though I had complications with the chemo treatments, the transplant has been considered a success, as a recent MRI showed no disease activity. Thank You Brother for Saving My Life!

Marshall is now 2.5 years of age and I am 15 months old. Though I am delayed a bit, with all the therapies, love of my family, and spiritual pep talks from my brother, I am thriving, and achieving my developmental milestones, just as my brother hoped for. Without his heroism, I would not be able to SEE my brother, play with my toys, watch a flower bloom, and kiss his angelic cheeks (my brother is blind). I would not be able to giggle and babble and one day tell my brother that I love him, ‘Thank You’, and that he is my hero (my brother never spoke his first word).

I can hear my Mommy’s voice sing to me, my Daddy talk about fishing, and the fun activities of my brothers and sister (my brother is deaf). I can roll everywhere and sit up; I even get to hug on my brother. I get to smile, eats solid foods, get older. I will go to school, possibly college, and someday I hope to marry and have a family of my own and tell my children the story of my gene family.



Tammy Wilson