“Whether life’s disabilities left you outcast, bullied or teased.  Rejoice and love yourself today ’cause baby, you were born this way.” – Lady Gaga

How many of us have experienced a time when either ourselves or our children have been mocked or teased because of their differences?

For those who have encountered rare disease, it happens all the time.  In some cases, there are just the constant stares from people who are unaware of how to communicate with a child who has a tube hanging from his belly or his throat.  And sometimes, just the indifference from a stranger who refuses to help get the wheelchair over a busy street curb is enough to make one feel like an outcast.

We can relate, some of us more than others – Lady Gaga’s words of being ‘Born This Way’.  Children with rare disease are born in ways that are different than others.  Yet despite our differences, we can celebrate our achievements and flourish in our successes – because like Lady Gaga’s says – we were ‘Born This Way’.

On February 29, 2012 – Lady Gaga is launching the ‘Born This Way Foundation’!  https://bornthiswayfoundation.org/

On February 29, 2012 – World Rare Disease Day is celebrating the Rare Disease population, instilling hope and inspiration to others, creating awareness for their inherent disabilities and often incurable chronic diseases.


Unity creates empowerment.  On February 29, together, we can continue to create awareness about RARE Disease, research and better treatments.  Together, we can empower our children to love themselves and find their identity amongst a population that misunderstands those who are “different.” Together, we can help our children become the individuals they were meant to be uniquely – R.A.R.E.

Check out the Born This Way Foundation Facebook page here and the Twitter page here.  What does bravery mean to you? Send Lady Gaga a message and ask her to recognize RARE disease – it affects 1 in 10 of people!

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