On February 29, 2012 – Lady Gaga is launching the ‘Born This Way Foundation’ ..

On February 29, 2012 – World Rare Disease Day is celebrating the Rare Disease population, instilling hope and inspiration to others, creating awareness for their inherent disabilities and often incurable chronic diseases.

We’re All Born This Way!

Unity creates empowerment.  On February 29, together, we can continue to create awareness about RARE Disease, research and better treatments.  Together we can empower our children to love themselves and find their identity amongst a population that misunderstands those who are “different”.  Together, we can help our children become the individuals they were meant to be uniquely – R.A.R.E.

While the Born This Way Foundation is not explicitly supporting or acknowledging RARE Diseases as a primary issue, your message to Lady Gaga on her Facebook page HERE or via Twitter  HERE could start the momentum to convince her otherwise.  For now and for the highest impact, we’d suggest you show your undivided support for RARE Disease by joining the RARE Project community (see below) and visiting the Global Genes Project, which focuses exclusively and powerfully on RARE disease.

2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – Born This Way Foundation”

  1. Tiffiney Tackett says:

    Proud supporter of Born This Way! Thank you Lady Gags for your dedication and support! My daughter will be one yr post transplant March 30th for a rare orphan disease histiocytosis! She was born this way, born to fight, born to show the world her uniqueness! She was born to change lifes and at only 2 yrs old she has.had more influence on people’s lives than most of us will do in a lifetime. I love you Meghan Danielle Tackett!!!!

  2. Hugh Hempel says:

    Tiffney – we are so happy to hear of Meghan’s transplant success! Although we have not yet heard from Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Foundation’ about their support of our organization for World Rare Disease Day, her message speaks volumes to so many of us with rare disease. You stated it perfectly, “born this way, born to fight, born to show the world her uniqueness”. Your daughter is an inspiration!

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