Trevor Frederic Aldrian is the perfect son! Perfectly made of God’s design, he truly represents amazing grace.  Trevor is living with Krabbe disease, a devastating neurological disease for which there is no cure. The disease has stripped Trevor of his ability to laugh and smile. He will never be able to sit up, walk or talk. Most children with infantile Krabbe disease do not live beyond two years of age. Trevor is STILL with us today at the age of 3 years old. But for all his physical limitations, he was blessed with so many more rare and beautiful gifts!

Because God has blessed us with such a special son, we are continuing to share Trevor’s story by creating a foundation in his name called Peace, Love & Trevor. We did not want to wait until the disease ran its course to start a foundation, as we believe Trevor was born with an amazing gift, the ability to love and inspire virtually every person he meets in his beautiful life.

The focus of the Peace, Love and Trevor Foundation is to aid other families that are impacted by Krabbe disease. With the exception of a few states, Krabbe disease is still not part of the Universal Newborn Screening (UNS) program. Until Krabbe disease is tested for in each state, there will continue to be families that need assistance in coping with the realities of caring for children afflicted by Krabbe. Living with Krabbe can cause monumental stress on the entire family, due to the devastating nature of the disease.

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Nicole Aldrian

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  1. Marianne Vennitti says:

    God bless you and Trevor and all the lives you are touching.
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