The demand for health information on the web continues to increase.  With the utilization of digital products in healthcare, trends toward technological solutions in improving our health is gaining momentum.

For those in the Rare Disease community, dealing with physical limitations precluding them from engaging in the technological world, they will now have an opportunity to participate.  More importantly, they will be able to speak with a unique communication tool that has recently become  available to iPad users.

Yesterday, the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (the GSF), a nonprofit organization raising awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) launched a first-of-its-kind iPad communication app in the Apple App Store.

The App is called “Say Hi! AAC” .  Essentially, it’s an iPad communication app that allows those with challenging physical conditions (e.g. ALS, SMA etc.) to “speak” using the iPad without ever physically touching the iPad touchscreen. Nothing like this exists. It’s completely customizable, it’s FREE from the GSF and it is available now in the Apple App Store!

Gwendolyn Strong was diagnosed with SMA at the age of six months.  Like any other child, she has a strong urge to communicate with her peers, friends and family.  The GSF press release and following inspirational blog details the reasons for developing the App: Blog

Questions about the App can be sent to [email protected]