February 29, 2012, was not just another day for the family of a boy named Hayden with ASLD or Adenylosuccinate Lyase Deficiency.  Hope traveled across the miles of the Mississippi Delta to as far north as Kentucky down south through Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana.  It was an incredible show of support for Hayden and all those struggling with rare disease – that the act of a loving gesture by wearing a pair of jeans, sending a photo and message of care gives so much courage, hope and awareness to the rare disease community.

Hayden’s mom states, “I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of pictures that were placed on my Facebook wall in honor of Hayden. Schools were wearing jeans. Teachers were wearing jeans. Business offices were wearing jeans. Babies that were Hayden’s age were wearing jeans.  Many people went over and beyond. Not only did they get to wear jeans, they were also told why they were wearing them. They were raising awareness for all of the rare diseases that are going unnoticed.”

Read our ASLD Angel – and Haydon’s family journey on February 29, 2012, and discover for yourself, how World Rare Disease Day can make an impact for all those searching for hope.