What is a RickShaw?

Good question!  The R.A.R.E. Project received the photo below of a RickShaw by Team Cool Runnings.

A RickShaw is a tiny 3-wheeled vehicle frequently used for carrying passengers in the Middle East.  It is meant for short-distances – a direct contrast to the RickShaw Run being held in April which will cover a distance of roughly 3,500 kilometers or 2,175 miles.

Team Cool Runnings, a team of adventurists, plan to participate in a RickShaw Run to support Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare genetic mucopolysaccharidoses disorder or MPSIII.



Three times per year, The Adventurists host a RickShaw Run.  A UK based non-profit company,  determined to support charities across the world, ask participants to raise a minimum of £1,000 for The Adventurists’ charity of choice – with the option to “pimp” or decorate their RickShaw with the logos of the participants choice.  In addition, remaining monies above and beyond the Adventurists expectations can be donated by the team members to the charity of choice.

The Adventurists state on their website:

Possibly the least suitable vehicle on the planet for covering the entire subcontinent in two weeks. Perfect. We’ve a fleet of rickshaws pimped and ready to splutter you into adventuring bliss.


The Team:

Cool Runnings is one of about 30 teams on the Spring 2012 run who have chosen RARE as the charity of their choice.  They will be taking pictures and blogging their adventures along the way, asking people to “Like” RareProject and Global Genes Project on Facebook and to support their charitable efforts!

The Event

 Not for the faint at heart, the event is drawing near.

Date:  April 2012

Test driving, pimping and Q&A sessions will be held: 4th – 6th Apr
Cricket match and launch party takes place on: 7th Apr
Rickshaw Run: 8th – 21st Apr
Finishing cricket match, parade and finishing party for those who make it to the finish: 21st Apr

The route for the event can be viewed here.

Show Your Support

Those interested in supporting Team Members Paul and Joe on their RickShaw Adventure,  please visit their charitable event site and make a donations here!