On March 22, R.A.R.E. Project announced the amazing endeavors of Joe and Paul, two adventurists who planned to participate in the RickShaw Run to support Sanfilippo Syndrome with R.A.R.E. Project as their charity of choice.


On April 6  – Joe and Paul, a.k.a. team Cool Runnings, began their adventures in India to fight for the rare genetic disorder, Mucopolysaccaridoses or MPS III by  “pimping-out” their RickShaw with the Rally for Reed and R.A.R.E. Project logos!

En route to their destination,  Cool Runnings has certainly proven their dedication and courage for charity and the rare disease community.  They have managed to get through the difficulties of driving in the dark; wait for and ride a precarious ferry; endlessly search for their meals at empty restaurants; and, discover what it means to be subject to false hotel advertising.

Want to learn more?  We encourage you to see the beautiful photos and learn about Cool Runnings adventures for Sanfilippo Syndrome HERE.  It’s truly an amazing feat to follow!