After my first child, at the young age of 16, I started having pain and excessive bleeding.  At the age of 20, the pain and bleeding became worse after my son was born.  Over the next few years, my pain continued and every physician I encountered could not tell me why I was hurting.

In 2004, I had surgery to remove my left fallopian tube due to a tubal pregnancy.  In addition, I suffered from an appendectomy and yet continued to have increasing pain in my abdomen.  After the surgery and numerous physician appointments, I finally met with my OB/GYN who recommended I follow-through with a hysterectomy.  Following the surgery, it was at that time I had been diagnosed with Adenomyosis.

Amanda Way
Statesboro, GA

Editors Note:  Amanda’s story is not unlike many others that we come across when facing a rare condition.  There is no known cause for Adenomyosis, and typically does not occur until after you have had children – atypical for a young woman.  You can read about Adenomyosis here.