My niece Cayenne has A-T (Ataxia-telangiectasia), a rare childhood, progressive and degenerative disease that affects a variety of the body’s systems.

After a year of testing, Cayenne was finally diagnosed when she was almost three. Her main symptom of A-T was her wobbly walk – she was very unstable and weak for her age. The diagnosis was devastating to her parents and family as there is currently no treatment or cure for this disease. Cayenne has no functioning immune system and her chances of getting cancer, such as leukemia are ONE THOUSAND times greater than that of the general population.

Most importantly, Cayenne is a vibrant, funny, beautiful red-head and my son’s best friend in the world. She is smart, kind and very silly. She loves pancakes and treats and playing superhero’s. She is loved, fiercely. Her parents and our entire family would do ANYTHING to help find a treatment and eventually a cure.

The A-T Children’s Project raises funds for biomedical research and clinical center. Please visit this website to read about the disease:  It is the ATCP where we continually seek hope and support for Cayenne and other children with A-T. It means everything to us.  To read more about Cayenne’s story or to make  a donation, click visit on our giving circles page and type in Jennifer Love (Cayenne’s mama).  Every single penny is an amazing gift and one that our family will forever remember.

Samantha Artruc
East Hartland, CT