Strongest, sweetest, bravest.

Our 2-year-old daugther, Kaleigh, was born with a fighting spirit and a rare genetic disorder, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex or (TSC). TSC causes benign tumors to grow in all major organ systems, including the brain, skin, heart, kidney, lung, and eye. People with TSC can suffer from developmental delay, seizures, and behavioral disorders.

During a routine ultrasound, doctors found large tumors growing in Kaleigh’s heart. After birth, she was found to also have tumors in her skin and brain. A true fighter, she has survived heart failure and continues to battle intractable epilepsy. She faces it all with a brave smile and sweet, loving disposition.

Great strides have been made in the treatment of TSC, yet there is still no cure. It is our greatest hope that Kaleigh and others like her will soon have the ultimate gift  –  a cure.

Rebecca Thereault
Manchester, CT

Note:  According to the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance,  ‘At least two children born each day will have tuberous sclerosis complex’.

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    Kaleigh’s new video — keep up the fight!

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