Back for the second year,  the Shire Pharmaceuticals BRAVE awards recognize the remarkable achievements and efforts of caregivers! If  you know a caregiver who performs in extraordinary ways and who gives their time, support and compassion regularly through caring for someone else in a meaningful, selfless manner, nominate them for a 2012 BRAVE Award.  They could win $10,000 from Shire.

Nominations will be accepted through June 17th. Please spread the word to all you know!

1 thought on “Shire Pharmaceuticals 2012 BRAVE Awards — Nominate a Caregiver and Winners Can Receive $10,000”

  1. I’d like to nominate Micheal Friend who cares for his wife who has Sickle Cell Thassmabeta (may not be spelled correct) but it’s another form of Sickle Cell. Dominique Friend is a warrior herself but her husband stands selfeshly beside her and pushes endless projects for Sickle on her behalf. Michael has dedicated all his effort from his marketing career to promoting the cause of Sickle on his wife behalf as well as all the Sickle Cell patients that suffer. He has created an enviroment for her that she has an idea and may even start a project but because of her illness Michael does not drop the ball but he keeps the ball rolling and finishes each and every task. For a long time I did not know that he was the force behind her; answering emails and facebook messages. He’s very humble and through all he does he manages to always be by her side and help take care their children. He needs and deserves this $10,000 because he has worked unselfishly for nothing but the sheer honor and pleasure of knowing one day his efforts will lead to his wife having a better medical community to live in and so many other Sickle Cell patients around the globe.

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