Meet James Valvano.  James speaks to Global Genes of his impassioned determination to make a difference in the world of Huntington’s Disease.  James, along with his second oldest brother, father (who passed from HD and Cancer in 2012), and niece – all share the diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease.

An advocate and supporter of JHD/HD, James is dedicated to bring about awareness with hopes for a cure.  With over twenty years of experience in communication and film, James seeks to bring the international JHD/HD community together via a worldwide documentary called- “The Huntington’s Disease Project: Removing the Mask” – Seen by more than 60 countries, you can view the trailer here:

Our aim is to produce the first comprehensive, international documentary, which will incorporate the stories and experiences of our peers in many countries across the globe, as well as including interviews with international HD organizations, HD researchers, and HD medical professionals.  A production of this magnitude has never been tried before, and will serve as an educational tool for the entire Huntington’s disease community.

“My desire and dedication to our community is the fuel which wakes each morning.”  – James Valvano is an independent, educational project comprised of a team of individuals within the Juvenile Huntington’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease  (JHD/HD) community. Via the documentary, will facilitate the first venue by which international community members will be able to tell their stories: uncut – uncensored – untainted.  Light must be shed on all aspects of Huntington’s disease and brought to the forefront. It is time to face the challenges within our own community.

“The Huntington’s Disease Project: Removing the Mask” – documentary, is the first of its kind, created solely by individuals within the JHD/HD community, and a legacy for future generations.

How do we bring the HD Community together and support their needs? in collaboration with provides support through the first radio program for Huntington’s disease every Tuesday:

Visit: for more information about the project.  Find James Valvano on Facebook:

10 thoughts on “Huntington’s Documentary Trailer Released – “The Huntington’s Disease Project: Removing the Mask””

  1. I wish to thank everyone at The Global Genes Project for helping us spread the word about Huntington’s disease! Your support and love means the world to me!


    James Valvano
    International Operations Director

  2. James. On behalf of Global Genes, we are more than happy to support your amazing efforts!! We look forward to hearing more about the documentary going forward. All our best….

  3. Sue Beniou says:

    I am so glad someone is doing a documentary that will tell ALL! I know there are others out but they all fall flat. I dont mean that to be bad but a film about this disease must hit all areas. Power to you guys at we have a face!

  4. Theresa Knoll says:

    I agree with the other comment!! I just saw another doc that had so much potential but seriously I left feeling that they missed so much. This disease is a monster like Mr. Valvano says and people need to portray it like it is. I am looking forward to Valvano’s version and I have faith that he will hit it out of the park for all of us!!!

  5. Amelia C. Valvano says:

    My dear son James!
    We are so proud of you and your entire team! Your entire family is behind you every step of the way!!! Your father is looking down from heaven and is so very happy with what you are doing. Tell the world about Huntington’s disease and make sure they see the truth! I love you!


  6. Jason R. says:

    LOVED the trailer and PLEASE keep it real and show everything!!! I love your style and I know it will be what our community needs for awareness!!! I to have seen a bunch and they miss the mark by far but I am glad that they are out there. I’ll keep checking on yours and can’t wait!


  7. Barbara Jenkins says:

    Simply AWESOME! YES YES YES I can’t wait!

  8. Mathew Talbot says:

    Just saw your trailer and I am moved!!! I can’t wait to see the film and please let us know when it is done so that we can tell everyone to see it!!! Like the others said KEEP IT REAL brother!!!

  9. Anthony Drouin says:

    Hello Jamesw
    I have Huntingtons and I thinkbits great whst your doing.
    its a great way to give back. Would like a chance to serveand give back also. I have been in aa for 20yrs and done the predict study for ten. Would like to step it up for the cause by doing whatever I can. I would relocate if needed. Thank you sincerely for the hope.

  10. Margo Flemming says:

    I just saw the trailer on twitter and OMG I thank you for doing this film and it is real in my life and what happens to me and my family. everything you show is like my life! Thank you.

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